Policies, Guidelines, Review Copies, NetGalley & Rating System

What are we doing here?!?
I have a TBR stack taller than two of me. I also have a kindle full of ARCs waiting to be read. Therefore, my goal *loosely* is to read and review at LEAST one new and one throwback book every two weeks, with reading related entries in-between. Plus, there will be some surprises along the way.

I’ll also likely brag about my family: my husband who is a computer whiz that keeps the family running as my body falls apart- da hubs; my oldest who is starting college- the artist; the middle who just starting high school and who loves his Xbox, YouTube, and me – the boy; and the youngest who just started middle school and loves singing….anywhere, anytime, every time, everywhere, and reading- my girl.

As for genre, I don’t really have a specific ONE. I read across the board. I do tilt heavier toward YA, but I love a memoir, can’t pass up a nonfiction scary science book (think Hot Zone), and I would drop anything to read a solid mystery.  I tend to veer away from fantasy, science fiction, new adult/erotica and religious.  For anything else, I’m pretty fair game.

NetGalley– I am a reader and reviewer for NetGalley.  As a librarian reviewer my percentage reviewed averaged 74%.  As a retired teacher, I am trying to make the transition to a Professional Reader.

Any books that are arcs from NetGalley will be noted as such. I am not paid for my reviews and am given the book free for my review.

Author Copies– I will accept hardcover/softcover copies for review, with the understanding that NetGalley reviews have first priority.

Giveaways– From time to time, I will offer giveaways when I receive physical copies of books or donate them to our local middle or high school (I’ve subbed in both and the current fiction is not updated).

Beignets and Cafe au Lait

Beignets and Cafe au Lait

Rating system:

5+ – {5 beignets and a cafe au lait} Fabulous! Amazing! This may be my new fave book!

5 – {5 beignets} Great book! I’ll be telling all my friends about this one!

4 – {4 beignets} Really good book. I’m so glad I read it!  This may go back into my TBR pile!!

3 – {3 beignets} Wasn’t great, wasn’t horrible. Just so-so. I’d still recommend it, because you may have a different read than I do.

2 – {2 cold beignets} Something was off. It was missing character development, the storyline didn’t make sense, it jumped around, or it was just flat. The beignets just showed up cold.

1 – {1 lukewarm cafe au lait} I didn’t like this book. It was work to read it.

0 – {stale beignets and cold cafe au lait} – I didn’t finish the book.


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