Feline Friday

It’s Feline Friday!! My dear friend Sandee over at Comedy Plus let me know about it!!  (I don’t know if Sandee has put 3 and 3 together yet to realize that I’m the same NOLADawn that was good blogging buddies with her before I gave up my blog 7 yrs ago…. Oh, Sandee!!) 🙂

Steve of Burnt Food Dude started this meme, so get to posting!

Here’s my Feline Friday!

IMG_1852This is our third oldest rescue cat, Mouse.  He is all white with blue eyes and carries the deaf gene.  He was found in an attic and we fell in love with his tiny little white body and huge pink ears immediately, hence the name Mouse.  He is certainly NOT quiet as a mouse, as he cannot hear the pots, pans, books, and other loud, annoying things he knocks over and “plays with” at 3am.  Mouse will celebrate his 7th Gotcha Day this October.

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Questions, Questions, Questions: The WordPress Community Experiment

I can’t really remember much from my old life in blogging to answer these. I’m anxious to see the results as a rejuvenated blogger.

Suzie Speaks


Last December I asked a set of seven questions to the WordPress community and invited anyone and everyone to participate. The response that I received was incredible, and the resulting answers gave me a small insight into the blogging world and it’s members.

Since then, my following has tripled, I have received nearly A QUARTER OF A MILLION views (I still can’t believe that) and over the last eight months I have ‘met’ and formed small relationships with lots of wonderful people, so I thought it would be a nice idea to do this experiment again. It isn’t a blog party, so please don’t leave links to your general posts, but it (if enough people participate) will provide a great opportunity for bloggers to meet new people who share similar interests. You don’t have to follow this blog, or have a lot of blogging experience to participate.

Here’s how it…

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